A replica of this Meadow Valley landmark was crafted by Chris and Jennifer from Pondside Nesters. They are the guest artists for May at Bear Creek Frames on Main Street in Quincy. Photo submitted

Bear Creek Frames hosts local artisans

Bear Creek Frames is inviting local artisans to create a window display with their art as a guest artisan. Each month will showcase a different artisan. Chris and Jennifer from Pondside Nesters are the guests for the month of May.

Pondside Nesters began after they tore the siding off their house and wanted to have a fun memory of the poor color choices that had been applied to the house since the 1950s. Then Quincy Provisions asked if Chris and Jennifer would be interested in having a display table in their shop.  Soon after they were invited to attend local craft events. Now they are in constant building mode and folks are presenting them with some really fun and creative ideas to build on.

Pondside nesters builds and designs all of the houses with love and detail. All of their building materials are recycled and they have helped many people clean up their wood piles. They hand make almost every detail on each house and every design is unique to itself. They specialize in custom, historical replications of buildings around beautiful Plumas County, as well as replicas of peoples houses and family cabins. “Creativity and working together as a team or what is most fun for us but also seeing the big smiles on our customers faces when we hand-deliver their custom bird houses,” said Jennifer.

You can contact them at [email protected] or find them on Facebook and Instagram.