Beckwourth Community Services District gets caught up with bills

Doing some end-of-the-fiscal-year housekeeping, the manager of the Beckwourth Community Services Area (BCSA) Bob Perreault was before the Plumas County Board of Supervisors for a supplemental budget request change June 11.

The request was to increase utilities expense and transfers out expense using the projected fund balance as of June 30, by a total of $7,500.

Perreault said that approval required a four/fifths role call vote.

As the Plumas County Public Works director and wearing one of his many hats as BCSA manager under the Plumas County Engineering Department, Perreault recommended that supervisors authorize him to use the fund balance to increase the utilities expense and transfers out expense line items in the amounts of $200 and $7,300 respectively.


Providing background information, Perreault said in September 2017, supervisors adopted a resolution concerning the final budget for the county. This included BCSA.

Then in late May of this year, the service district exceeded its budgeted expenditures for utilities. “In addition, the BCSA owes over $20,000 to the road department for necessary staff support services, primarily associated with preparing the engineer’s reported to support the 2048 sewer fee increase and the ongoing application for RCAC (Rural Community Assistance Corporation) grant funds pertaining to the pump station replacement project,” Perreault explained.

He went on to say that he believes the BCSA budget would have a fiscal year-end surplus of more than $13,000. Because of this surplus Perreault recommended that Supervisors approve the budget transfer request. This would allow the district to pay its utilities bill and a portion of what it owes to the road department. “The remaining surplus will be used to retain the consultant for the pump station replacement project for the initial design phase of the project.”

Perreault told supervisors that the auditor had been consulted on the transfers and signed off.


Supervisor Michael Sanchez asked, “Where’s our grant at?”

Perreault said that the grant was transferred from the federal government to the state agency that administers funds. Perreault said that program doesn’t administer their projects “like we’re used to.”

The actual funds wouldn’t be available until the design engineer was on board for the new water treatment project. Perreault said that they needed to complete the design phase of the project so they can continue with construction and other plans.

“I get calls on this, that’s why I’m asking,” Sanchez explained.

Perreault estimates that it will be less than a year before they’re ready to go out for construction bids.

Supervisors approved Perreault’s recommendation for the BCSA.