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Amber Takone put out benches in front of her property so neighbors could rest on their walks only to find someone has stolen them some time around Aug. 23. Photo submitted

Bench bummed

Chalk it up to no good deed goes unpunished. Bucks Lake Road resident Amber Takone noticed all the walkers who amble past her house toward town. She found two benches for sale at a thrift shop and decided to do something nice for her neighbors.

She set up the benches with a small table between them at the edge of her property during the first week in August — right before she left on a business trip Aug. 13, so walkers could rest for a moment or two

When she came home Aug. 23, they were gone.

“I just wanted to do something nice for the neighborhood,” Takone said. She added that the benches had built in storage. She’d placed games in there and books and had signs indicating that people could borrow a book or play a game there, but that the games and the benches and table were meant for everyone to share.

The bench robbers took everything: the benches, table, games, books, even the sign on the table that said “Read.”

“Anyone who knows me knows that I’d be happy to help someone who needed something if they asked,” Takone said.

She’d like her stuff back so she can again share with the community.

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