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Board to discuss pay hikes July 18


Plumas County Supervisors were poised to vote on an ordinance July 11 that would have granted base pay raises ranging from 26.5 percent to 42.5 percent for six elected officials, but Supervisor Jeff Engel asked that the item be removed from the agenda.

The supervisors are scheduled to talk about the salary increases  Tuesday afternoon, July 18.

Despite pulling the ordinance, the supervisors did discuss the pay hikes. Those who would receive a pay increase are Assessor Chuck Leonhardt, Auditor Roberta Allen, Clerk/Recorder Kathy Williams, Treasurer Julie White, Sheriff Greg Hagwood and District Attorney David Hollister.

The proposed raises were based on a 10-county comparison survey conducted by Human Resources Director Nancy Selvage.

County Counsel Craig Settlemire said that it had been 10 years since the base pay of those positions had been adjusted and that in 2012 all had volunteered to contribute more to their retirement, which was in essence a 3 percent pay decrease.

The proposed raises total $179,071.82, but do not include additional taxes or retirement contributions, nor do the increases reflect longevity. Budget consultant Susan Scarlett estimates that the pay hikes would represent “just under a quarter-million annually.”

“We are looking at a $4.2 million shortfall and then adding $250,000,” said Supervisor Jeff Engel. He also noted that some of the raises were in excess of $21,000, the amount a Plumas County resident would take home annually earning minimum wage. For more details on the July 11 discussion, see the July 19 edition of your local newspaper.



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