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Board reimburses wellness centers expenses

The Wellness Centers in Plumas County have the funds to stay open. The Plumas County Board of Supervisors voted to reimburse Plumas Crisis Intervention and Resource Center almost $100,000 in accumulated expenses for the wellness centers at a special meeting Dec. 12.

According to interim Behavioral Health Director Louise Steenkamp, the funding was settled upon after discussion with PCIRC, which has been paying the rent and expenses of the wellness centers in Greenville and Chester since the Mental Health Services Act funding, about $850,000, expired in June of 2017.

In 2014, Behavioral Health partnered with PCIRC to establish wellness centers in Greenville and Chester. It was seen as a joint effort to offer mental health and crisis resources to the Chester and Greenville sites. However, the funding agreement only lasted three years.

In August, The Behavioral Health Department presented a new plan for the joint wellness centers. The board voted against offering PCIRC the same amount in funding after PCRIC failed to reach its deliverables from the prior funding agreement, further prolonging the payment of wellness center expenses.

The $100,000 approved at the board meeting, reimburses PCIRC for expenses from July 1 to Nov. 30, but it doesn’t finalize any agreements between the two entities.

“There is more work to do,” said Steenkamp. “We need to get back to the table and refresh our commitments, and community goals.”

  In the meantime, the wellness centers will be open.

“Our commitment is to the wellness centers,” said Steenkamp. “We are always going to be operating the wellness centers.”

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