Bob’s Roadcrew come together to clean up the community May 5, with the Hub Community Fitness Center serving as the staging area. Back from left: Kevin Walsh, Allison Cairns, Chris Stanton, Greg Wall, Sandee Gibson, Doug Markham, Laura Raymond, Kathy Petra Koukal, Ross Jeffrey, and Janine Wolcott. Middle row, from left, Kelly Birkhofer, Renee Hermann, Laura Ashkin, Michelle Vaughan, Pandora Valle, Dave Valle and Cole Comstock. Bottom row, from left, Sonya Kimball, Steve Birkhofer, Lucy the dog and Caitlin Comstock. Photo submitted

Bob’s ‘Roadcrew’ cleanup

Bob’s “Roadcrew” got together to tackle trash cleanup Sunday, May 5, along Highway 70, with beautiful results and a Cinco de Mayo celebration-BBQ hosted at the Hub Community Fitness Center at the day’s end.

Local HUB fitness instructor Caitlin Comstock spearheaded the second annual community cleanup, and she explained that it is all in memory of her late father, Bob Raymond.

“My dad was always a part of the community and really engaged in events like this one — he also was a part of the bike racing community and enjoyed riding and supporting Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship,” Comstock said.

The first cleanup happened in the spring of last year, and this cleanup brought more than 20 locals out to beautify the community and pick up. “We had 22 people show up for this event,” Comstock noted. “Many were friends with my dad and honor his memory by participating in the road crew.”


The group set out at 9 a.m. on a day that boasted blue skies, sunshine and lots of trash to be gathered.

“They did an awesome job, totaling 8 yards of trash from the Park and Ride at 89/70 to Portola,” said Karen Partlow, supervisor at Caltrans Beckwourth Maintenance Station. That means over 100 bags of trash were removed from the side of the road.

Comstock has plans to make the cleanup happen more than once a year in the future. “We hope to do this biannually, in the spring and fall,” she said. “I think it is really important in a small community like ours that we all take the initiative to keep the community clean for all to enjoy. I think that we have to take it upon ourselves to cherish our community.”

Comstock thanked not only the crew, but also the HUB Community Fitness Center for serving as the staging location for this event, as well as for hosting the after party for the crew.


For those interested in future community events, contact Caitlin Comstock at 249-2758.