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Boil water notice cancelled for Crescent Mills

The State Water Resources Control Board Division of Drinking Water and the Indian Valley Community Services District announced that  the boil water notice for Crescent Mills is lifted today, Sept. 9

A boil water notice was issued July 26 to all Indian Valley CSD- Crescent Mills customers. High water demand due to the Dixie Fire operations led to very low water levels in the district’s storage tank. To keep up with demand and ensure as much water as possible was supplied for fire operations, the district supplemented its normal supplies with untreated water hauled in from nearby streams.

After the hauled water was no longer delivered, the district had to ensure that all untreated water was sufficiently flushed from our system. Following a sufficient water turnover via flushing the district then disinfected the water distribution system for a long enough contact time to ensure any pathogens attached to pipes were inactivated.

After sufficient chlorine residuals were detected on all ends of the distribution system, the district collected bacteriological samples from throughout the distribution system on Sept.r 8; none of those samples showed the presence of total coliform bacteria or E. Coli bacteria in the water. Based on these test results, it appears all contamination has been eliminated, and the water is now safe to drink.

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