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Charred on one side, green on the other. Sandy Point survived. Photo by Sue Brown

Bucks Lake is looking pretty good – see what’s charred and what’s not

Publisher Cobey Brown and his wife, Sue, ventured up to Bucks Lake this afternoon, July 27, to see how much damage the Dixie Fire caused around the lake. Brown said that when you look at the fire maps that are presented daily, it appears that Lower Bucks is surrounded by fire and that the fire has come to the edge of Bucks, but that is not the case. He said that all of the cabins are standing, as are there resorts and the Boy Scout Camp. While fire approached the camp, all of the structures are intact. “The lake looks pretty good,” Brown said.

Today’s trip was dramatically better than yesterday, when he ventured down the Canyon to Butterfly Valley and Indian Falls, where he saw many destroyed homes.

Fire burned near the Boy Scout camp, but all structures survived. Photo by Sue Brown
Charred trees stand behind the bathroom, but the structure is standing. Photo by Sue Brown
Though not so visible from the outside, the fire damaged the interior of a lake bathroom. Photo by Sue Brown

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