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Business Scene for the week of 12/6/17


Your friends at Plumas Bank want to thank the community for the opportunity to serve your banking needs for 37 years! In appreciation, the Portola branch, along with their co-host, the Lost Sierra Chamber, is having a holiday mixer Wednesday, Dec. 13, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. The Quincy, Greenville and Susanville branches are each having their Client Appreciation Days from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.–ish on Dec. 13, 14 and 15. The Chester branch is celebrating with its Client Appreciation Day from 10 to 2 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 15. Be sure to visit your local Plumas Bank office for some holiday fun and cheer!


To meet California’s newly enacted diesel emissions requirements on commercial trucks, Ron and Stephanie Horton had to replace one of their two service trucks. They just took delivery of a brand new 2018 Peterbilt service truck perfectly outfitted for their Quincy-based business, Les Schwab Tires. Ron said they only had to replace one of the two service trucks and this new one is equipped with everything needed to repair any tire, as Ron described, “… from a wheel barrel tire to extremely large earthmoving loader tires!” It is equipped with an air compressor, crane and all the necessary tools Ron says will help them keep their customers, including the logging and agricultural folks, from experiencing any unnecessary down time.


The deadline to enter the “Spirit of Quincy” home holiday exterior lights and decorations competition is tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 7. It’s open to all residences in the greater Quincy area with awards for the best lights, best animated décor and best overall holiday display. Entry forms are available at numerous local merchants throughout Quincy or you can clip out the entry form on page 7a of today’s Bulletin. Completed entry forms can be dropped off at Quincy Hot Spot, Moon’s Restaurant, Forest Stationers, The Toy Store, Plumas Bank, Carey Candy Co., Feather Publishing Co. and Great Northern Hair Co. or emailed to DeeDee Driscol at [email protected].


And since we’ve been talking about holiday shopping again, we challenge our readers to spend at least $100 locally. We’ve made this challenge to you for years and it’s been met with great success.

Here’s how it adds up: If each of our newspaper readers — yes, you — spend at least $100 shopping at home this holiday season, that would pump something like $1.8 million into Plumas County’s economy, and that’s based on a conservative average of just two readers per newspaper.

And that $100 challenge — or whatever extra comfortably fits the family budget — is drawn with a very broad brush. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to just buy items from your favorite retail stores. You could think outside of the box a bit and buy gift certificates from our many restaurants or from one of our local beauty salons, massage therapists, auto detailers, wellness centers or other service providers throughout the county.

And, it doesn’t have to be just presents for those on your list. There are literally hundreds of other ways to spend an extra $100 in town, from getting your nails done for a special party to a relaxing dinner out or tanking up the car for an unplanned trip to visit family.

So again this year we challenge you to find the way(s) that best fit your needs and lifestyle to spend that extra C-note locally. We won’t beat the same old drum by telling you the myriad benefits to our community by having this additional influx of cash in circulation. We all know, but sometimes take those donations from the merchants for granted. Here’s a relatively easy and effective way to repay the favor.


A couple of weeks ago, we introduced Andrea Wilson, the new general manager at Quincy Natural Foods, in this column. Now, having made contact with her predecessor, Lucinda Berdon, we asked what her plans are for the future. First, let me say she takes great pride — as she should — in what she has helped accomplish in the 21 years she served as the member-owned co-ops’ general manager. “Quincy Natural Foods and Feather River Co-op in Portola are strong examples of how bringing great food and great service helps build great communities,” she said. Lucinda says her home will remain in Quincy, but plans to travel and explore extensively in the western states and internationally.

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