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But what about the library?

As the partnership and building co-habitation between Greenville High School and Indian Valley Academy dissolve, many people have asked, “but what about the new library?”

The Indian Valley Collective Library which began as a blog post last June, nears its first and last anniversary as is, but with the change in venue also brings a change in what the library looks like and how it is staffed and catalogued.

Knowing that a breakup would probably come to pass made it difficult to keep up momentum, but volunteers will be reassembled at the end of May to take on a new task — building three libraries instead of one.

There will be three functioning libraries — one at all three school sites in Indian Valley: Indian Valley Academy’s junior high at the Greenville Learning Center, Indian Valley Academy High School in Taylorsville, and one will remain at Greenville High School.

Each site will contain books particularly suited to each site. For example, the IVA junior high will have books ranging in reading level from fifth to 11th grade and focus on the seventh- and eighth-grade curriculum and interests of the students and faculty at the site.

Greenville High School will hold the bulk of the culinary books and other holdings that match their programs, and Indian Valley Academy will hold the majority of the stagecraft and theatre, design, and art books to match their programming.

So many fiction books were received in duplicate the there is no problem having a few copies of the same novels at all three sites. Indeed, currently duplicates are in storage at three sites across the valley.

The Indian Valley Academy’s two libraries will be on the TinyCat cataloging system — a software system of cataloging designed for small libraries with a designated computer terminal and scanner at each site to both catalogue and keep track of check outs.

The Greenville High School library will use existing Plumas Unified School District software for cataloging.

The cataloging process for both systems will begin in August and should be up and running by Sept. 1.

Students and teachers from either system can borrow a book from the other via interschool loan, which will also be set up this summer.

Shelving will be needed for the new Indian Valley Academy library and student support center. The other two libraries have existing structures.

Books are still being donated to the Indian Valley Collective Library from around the country. It’s not uncommon for the post office to call to say there’s a box coming in.

Duplicates are also being donated to other schools in Plumas and Sierra counties so there is no shortage of books.

Volunteers interested in cataloging and moving can contact [email protected].

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  • what’s a library,,, modern schools don’t have any

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