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Calling all great recipes!

Members of the Lake Almanor Community Foundation (LACF) are seeking community help to gather all the best recipes from around the Basin.

Why you may ask?

As part of the growing movement to plan and build a “Town Plaza” in Chester, LACF is looking to create a unique and time-tested book of recipes that will be the first of three fundraising projects for the plaza.

“We are seeking recipes from all those who cook, eat and play in the Basin to create a cookbook for the community and guests of Lake Almanor,” said Katherine Sansone, vice president of the LACC.

The goal is to have a cookbook that will feature recipes gathered from locals of the Greater Lake Almanor Basin, and reflect the unique and wonderful lifestyle that living here offers.

In addition to the actual recipe, a brief history about it is requested. “We would like the stories to make it more than just another cookbook and to have it show what it is like to live ‘the lake lifestyle,’” Sansone added.

Maybe it’s a dish your grandmother made and it’s been a family favorite through the years, or the meal your grown kids ask for whenever they return home or a fan favorite that is ordered by most folks that walk through your door. Perhaps it’s something that you only have on special occasions and is closely tied to your family heritage.

All those stories give any recipe a special meaning and like eating outdoors make it taste better.

The co-chairs of the LACF cookbook committee are Sharon Ames and Dave Landeck.

“I have created cookbooks before so when this came along, I was more than happy to lead and support the efforts of raising monies to build the Town Plaza,” noted Ames.

She described the book as being from 50 to 75 pages in a spiral bound format.

The plan is to sell them through local retailers, at community events and have an on-line version available as well.

Ames continued “This first edition will be ready by July 4th to capture all the visitors attending all the wonderful activities offered over this holiday.”

For those interested in contributing a recipe, forms are available at Coldwell Banker, Almanor Fitness, B&B Booksellers and Plumas Bank.

You can drop off you submissions at those same locations.

You can also go online to Facebook Lake Almanor Lifestyles. www.ourtownplaza.org.

The Town Plaza project continues to gain momentum with continued participation by civic leaders, the Chamber of Commerce, the Lake Almanor Community Foundation and the Feather River Tourism Association.

The vision of the Town Plaza is to offer year-round activities, a central “hub” for residents and guests and an opportunity for economic growth for the Almanor Basin.

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