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Campgrounds available for Dixie Fire refugees

Several National Forest campgrounds will continue to be available for Dixie Fire evacuees while the Regional Forest Closure Order No. 21-04 is in effect. These campgrounds are located in close proximity to Quincy in the areas of Meadow Valley and La Porte Road. The campgrounds are free of charge but have limited services available at this time.

Open campgrounds include Meadow Camp, Rock Creek, and Deanes Valley Campgrounds in the Meadow Valley area, in addition to Red Bridge Campground off La Porte Road.

Limited services are available at these open campgrounds – there is no water and no wood campfires are allowed. Evacuees should bring a self-contained, portable heat source to cook meals, such as a propane camp stove or barbecue. The Forest Service is working on bringing additional services to some of these campgrounds such as trash bins.

Evacuees will need to obtain a 7700-48 permit to stay in one of the campgrounds listed above. A Forest Service representative can provide evacuees with the form when they are servicing campgrounds.

More information on the Regional Forest Closure Order No. 21-04 can be found on the Plumas National Forest website Plumas National Forest – Alerts & Notices (usda.gov).

Contact the Plumas National Forest Supervisors Office at (530) 283-2050 or the Mt. Hough Ranger District at (530) 283-0555 for more information.

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