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CattleWomen announce winner of Mother’s Day contest

The Plumas Sierra CattleWomen present Kristin Carmichael with a baby basket, a prize for being the local mother who gave birth nearest to Mother’s Day. From left: Kathy Knight, Marjorie Logan, Tyler and Kristin Carmichael (holding babies Elliott and Bayla), Flinda France and Keaton Carmichael. Photo submitted by Plumas Sierra CattleWomen

The Plumas-Sierra CattleWomen held a contest to honor the local mother who gives birth nearest to Mother’s Day with a baby basket.

“We are pleased to announce that Kristin Carmichael of Delleker was the happy recipient of the baby basket. Kristin and her husband Tyler welcomed twin girls, Elliott and Bayla, on May 8 into their family. The twins are joining older brothers Keaton and Dayton,” said a CattleWomen representative.

Presenting the basket from the CattleWomen were Kathy Knight, Marjorie Logan, Laural Colberg and Flinda France.

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