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CEO gets support at Seneca board meeting

Many people in the Chester/Lake Almanor area may believe that most community board meetings in general, which would include the Seneca Healthcare District (SHD), are usually quite slow and maybe even boring.

Maybe that’s why the public attendance is usually less than overwhelming.

The SHD board meeting held Tuesday, Sept. 24, would probably be called an exception to that statement.

On this particular day there were several ladies representing the Seneca Hospital Auxiliary that came specifically to speak during the public comment period about statements made at a previous meeting.

During the Aug. 29 public meeting of the SHD board of directors it was announced that the Renne Public Law Group had been retained to conduct a personnel investigation at Seneca Hospital.

In the firm’s Sept. 13 letter that is posted in several places at the hospital, they state the “specific contours” of the investigation are confidential.

As a result most of the town knows an investigation is underway.

The ladies indicated their comments were in response to the decision by the board regarding the investigation and the rumors emanating from the hospital.

Nancy Foote and Maggie Fleming both made statements to the board regarding support for Hospital CEO Linda Wagner and her leadership at Seneca.

Both offered their complete statements for the record.

Fleming affirmed her support as follows: “I am Maggie Fleming, a five-year member of the hospital auxiliary and the current treasurer.

“I volunteer in the hospital doing linens and I have also worked in admitting.

“I work with Linda Wagner and her admin staff through my treasurer position with the auxiliary so I am speaking from personal observation and personal experience when I say Linda has shown her talent and her value as a leader and communicator who is very dedicated to the Seneca Healthcare District and its employees.

“I hope you recognize what an asset she is to SHD and to our community.  Thank you.”

Additionally Nancy Foote presented this commentary to the board.

“My name is Nancy Foote and I am the president of Seneca Hospital Auxiliary, which has, by unanimous vote at both the Board and General meetings, authorized me to speak for the Auxiliary in support of Linda Wagner.

“She is the most capable, effective and caring CEO with whom the Auxiliary has ever worked.

“If this Board is contemplating any action, which might adversely affect the tenure of Linda Wagner, I am asked to remind the Board that each of you has sworn an oath to serve Seneca, not to destroy it.”


After the public comment period the board approved capital requests to purchase a new X-ray table in the amount of $28,102 and a new CPSI Replication Server for $48,548.

The cost of a hospital roof refurbishment/re-roof was put on hold pending further need and cost research.

A financial report for the end of August indicated that the hospital is slightly under budget for the year.

Two departments gave reports to the board regarding first, the proposed new patio at the Long Term Facility and second, that the new computer program for the nursing staff was up and running.

The Human Resources Department submitted a written report that indicated four new full time employees joining the hospital and two per diem ultrasound technicians coming on to fill the place of the departing full time person.

The public is always welcome to attend the SHD board meetings with the next one scheduled Thursday, Oct. 31, at 3 p.m. in the Lake Almanor Clinic Conference Room.

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