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County total cases are now 1,549 (or more than 8% of the county population).  Graph by Dale Knutsen

Charting the increase in Plumas COVID cases

While it’s been reported that Plumas County is leading the state in the transmission rate of COVID-19 when the state as a whole is in a downward trend — a picture is worth a thousand words as they say.

Lake Almanor resident Dale Knutsen continues to graph the case rates and it’s compelling to see the images for the state and for Plumas County. The next case reporting is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 18. These graphs reflect the numbers as of Oct. 15, the last reporting period.

Statewide new cases this past week were 35,194 which brings the state accumulated total cases to 4,571,467. Downward trend is hopeful. Graph by Dale Knutsen.


County new cases were 97 this last week.  No sign yet of ending this current (and largest) surge. Graph by Dale Knutsen


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