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Checking in with Drs. Satterfield and Kepple Updated

UPDATED: As of this morning, Dec. 23, Dr. Jeff Kepple reported that all of the mild symptoms he experienced the day after receiving the vaccine have evaporated and he is feeling very well.

Yesterday, Dec. 21, Plumas County Public Health officer Mark Satterfield and Dr. Jeff Kepple received the first vaccines administered at Plumas District Hospital.

At the time they shared the reasons why they were comfortable receiving the vaccine and why they are recommending that their family, friends, coworkers and community members also receive it. (See yesterday’s post).

Plumas News promised to check back in with them to see how they were feeling today. Satterfield reported only localized pain in his arm at the site of the vaccination, while Kepple said he felt a bit fatigued, had very mild body aches and a slight headache. The doctors say that some effects are expected and indicate that the vaccine is doing its job. It’s anticipated that the second dose will bring slightly more pronounced effects. The second dose will be administered in roughly 21 days.

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