In Princeton, the Chester Volcanoes are king! The CHS boys won the Section Championships Feb. 25 and have the smiles to prove it! From left, Coach mike Kliment, Kooper Clark, Zac Brent, Joey Tantradino, Jax Holland, Wade Neer, Juan Flores, Joe Garrett, Cooper Casey, Lucas Kliment, Cole Herman, and Sean Nielsen make up the winning team. Photo by Shelley Neer

Chester boy’s basketball claim section championship!

Mari Erin Roth

Sports Writer

[email protected]

The Chester Volcanoes have big news! They finished their season with a giant win, 44-29, in Princeton against the hometown Eagles to claim the Section Championship.



The Chester boys beat their first challengers in the sectionals on Feb. 15, the Hayfork Timberjacks, in a victory of 54-40. The Timberjacks were 9-3 in the Evergreen League, and took second place honors before coming to the playoffs. The Volcanoes went on to battle with the Evergreen first place team, the Butte Valley Bulldogs. Chester moved up the ladder with a big win against the Butte Valley, 62-56. The tough Bulldogs were undefeated in their league, 11-0, and 17-5 overall when they met the Volcanoes in their playoff game Feb. 17.


The Evergreen champions had to give up the win to the hot and persistent Vols who moved on to the final competition in Princeton with the Eagles. Princeton won their first challenge in the Sectionals soaring over the Big Valley Cardinals by a whopping 76-31. They next stomped the Maxwell Panthers by a score of 70-50. But the Chester boys abruptly burned the Eagles flight right out of the sky as they headed toward the championship. The 44-29 victory for the Volcanoes over Princeton was monumental for the conglomerate team assembled of Greenville and Chester High School athletes after the closing of the GHS Indians home court due to the Dixie Fire.


“We are very grateful,” said Greenville parent Shelley Neer. “Chester welcomed us with open arms.” The Volcanoes finished their season with an 14-6 overall tally AND the Sectional Championship!


Now let’s get out on that diamond for some Chester/Greenville baseball! “Yea!,” said Shelley Neer. “We are gonna be good this year in baseball!” I bet they are. Watch out Quincy, Portola and Loyalton, here they come!