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Chester Cemetery certainly does not appear the same as many will remember, but it is still like an oasis in the midst of a blacken forest and it is open to the public.  Many thanks to Dan Smith and his crew of volunteers for adorning the veteran’s graves for Memorial Day. Photo by Gregg Scott

Chester Cemetery opens to public

By Gregg Scott


There has been a lot of work being done at the Chester Cemetery since the Dixie Fire tore through the site. Cleanup of all the debris and burnt vehicle and electric power restoration to the site is complete,  and the pump for the well is up and running.  The cemetery grounds have been closed for quite some time, but the hazard trees are now removed and the cemetery is open to the public.

There will be no official Memorial Day Service this year due to the closure, but the veterans’ grave sites have brand new American Flags to mark the graves, and families can visit their loved ones.  The grounds will not look anything like they did before, but several people have noted that it will be nice to begin the journey back to normalcy.  As more and more progress is made the Cemetery Board is starting to plan for a possible “Grand Re-opening” this fall so everyone can come and see the changes.





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