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It may seem like ancient history, but it’s really only been a couple of years since you could walk into the Chester Memorial Hall on a second or fourth Thursday of the month and view a scene like this.  Lake Almanor residents sitting down to a delicious Community Supper and talking with friends and neighbors face to face.  Well, it’s coming again as the Almanor Food Pantry hosts the first dinner of the season on Thursday, Nov. 17.  Photo by Gregg Scott

Chester Community Supper is back to in-person dining

By Gregg Scott

Staff Writer

That’s right, The Almanor Basin Food Pantry that hosts the Chester Community Suppers, is going back to serving the popular dinner events inside the Chester Memorial as they did pre-COVID.  Yep, no more sitting in your car waiting for your food to be delivered outside so you don’t get the big “C.”. Even better news is that the first of this season’s dinners will be on Thursday, Nov. 17 from 5 to 6 p.m.  Sponsored by Sierra Hospice, this supper will feature a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner.

The Community Supper season will continue through April 2023 with two dinners each month om the second and fourth Thursdays of each month.  Each dinner is sponsored by a local service organization. As part of that sponsorship, they are folks that serve you as you pass through the serving line, so say hello. This Community Supper events have historically been a great source of interaction between Basin residents, especially during the cold weather months when normal travel is limited.  See you there.

The Food Pantry is also announcing a separate special event in December.  On Friday, Dec. 16 they will be introducing their inaugural Christmas Dinner/Dance Fundraiser.  The evening will offer a gourmet meal with multiple courses by Chef Carol Franchetti and an evening of live dance music by the band “Timeless” from Susanville.  Timeless features a wide variety of classic rock tunes and has played at numerous Lake Almanor venues.  The evening will also be held at the Chester Memorial Hall with doors opening at 5 p.m.  The cost is $50 per person and all proceeds go to the Almanor Basin Food Pantry to help them provide nourishing food to those in need. This is a “reservations only” event so get your tickets early by calling 530-259-4323 beginning Nov. 28.

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