Chester Community Supper with a holiday flair

This line at the Chester Community Supper on Thursday Dec. 22 was quickly served by the efficiency of the staff and volunteers that so ably help Chef Carol Franchetti present delicious meals twice a month. Roast beef, along with corn pudding, a fruited wild rice pilaf and green salad all in abundance created a festive and welcoming atmosphere.  The next community supper will be sponsored by the Lake Almanor Community Church on Jan. 12, 2023.  Photo by Gregg Scott
This is the lady that works tirelessly to make sure our community has some really great opportunities for good food, good conversation and an additional chance to see friends and residents during the winter months. Chef Carol Franchetti is a rather camera-shy person, but on occasion she can be caught ‘off-guard’ and hence we got this photo. Besides her own, Carol’s Prattville Café, she is very involved in the Almanor Basin Food Pantry through which the Chester Community Suppers are hosted. With community sponsors and her cooking staff, Basin residents can enjoy some true community spirit. Photo by Gregg Scott