Bright Lights in numerous stores on Chester’s Main Street was the call for shoppers to come out and enjoy special shopping hours, warming fires, drinks and hors d’oeuvres at participating for Merchant’s Night on November 25.  The crowds started to gather early for the festivities to come. Photo by Gregg Scott

Chester Merchant Night draws a crowd

This is what the throng looked like by about 6: 30 p.m. at the stores just south of the Chester Park.  This particular group were not waiting for a big special sale or even the peppermint ice cream at Rusty Chandelier. Photo by Gregg Scott
You may have already guessed, but within minutes Santa and Mrs. Claus rode in on a bright red ‘sleigh’ furnished by the Chester Fire Department and fitted with a ladder that was long enough to put him on any roof in town.  The Clause’s greeted all kids from 1 to 90-plus. Photo by Gregg Scott
Amazing lights and Christmas themes are the norm up and down the street with holiday shoppers enjoying the warmth and ambience of the fires, food, beverages, music and special shopping deals. Photo by Gregg Scott
Speaking of great shopping, when there is an extra three hours of Christmas shopping available you must expect to see sidewalk scenes like this. A row of patient husbands/significant others waiting for their ladies to finish up inside the store. Gentlemen, I salute you! Photo by Gregg Scott