Chester Main Street proved to be very busy on Friday, Oct. 29 as hundreds of “Trick or Treaters” strolled the length of town enjoying the annual Merchants Trick or Treat celebration. This shot looking east down ‘Old Town’ includes the beautiful fall colors everyone likes to see. Photo by Gregg Scott

Chester merchants provide lots of treats


Some groups and organizations used unoccupied businesses to hand out goodies to the kids and it is always good to see the young at heart join in on their kids’ fun. Up and down both sides of Main Street it looked like an army of ants (and at least two ‘Antman’ costumes helped the illusion. Photo by Gregg Scott
Most folks familiar with Chester know there are very few sidewalks on the west side of the Feather River Bridge and that’s OK because there are wide shoulders (bike lanes) for the revelers stretch out along. Every year the Sheriff’s Department and the California Highway Patrol do a great job of keeping the traffic moving ‘slow and smooth’ while volunteer crossing guards are at the intersections. Happy Halloween! Photo by Gregg Scott