Students from the Chester State Preschool clutch their new quilts donated by the Chester Piecemakers. Photo submitted

Chester Piecemakers give quilts to preschoolers

The Chester Piecemakers Quilt Guild delivered 32 “Heartwarmer” quilts to the Chester and Westwood preschool students. The guild lovingly creates these small quilts all year long and they are delivered right before Christmas.
Each quilt is bundled with a small stuffed toy and a book. It is always so rewarding to watch as each child is given a quilt as a gift. Warms your heart for sure, hence the name “Heartwarmers.”
All guild members are involved in this project and they are already beginning work on the quilts that will be distributed in 2021.
Preschoolers line up as they anticipate receiving their Christmas gift from the Chester Piecemakers. Photo submitted