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The Chester Volcanoes kick back for a minute between games in Quincy with the Trojans March 26. The Vols won both games. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

Chester tops Portola 13-6

By Mari Erin Roth

[email protected]

Sports Editor


The Chester boys are on a roll early in the season before league play begins.


Chester Volcanoes 13, Portola Tigers 6

The Vols traveled to Portola to play the Tigers March 24. CHS took the lead in the 1st inning with 4 runs and allowed the Tigers one. Neither team scored in the 2nd inning. The Tigers continued the hold CHS scoring to zero in the 3rd inning but added a run for themselves. Chester could not get another mark in the top of the 4th inning but PHS racked up 3 runs and took the lead, 5-4. Chester stretched their muscles in the top of the 5th inning and took the lead back with 3 runs, 7-5, and held the Tigers to no added runs. In the top of the 6th inning, Chester added two more runs and Portola struggled to put one run on the board, 9-6. The Volcanoes bubbled over in the top of the 7th inning with 4 runs and permitted none for the Tigers for the final score, 13-6.

Chester boys scoring for the Vols were Conner Barr (3 runs), Wade Neer (3), Kooper Clark, Logan Oswold, Lucas Klimek, Jaxon Holland, Haven Chase, Juan Flores, and Joey Tantardino. RBIs were hit by Kooper Clark, Barr (2), Oswold, Klimek (2), Holland (2), Neer (2), Flores, and Tantardino. Neer hit a triple and a double, Barr hit two doubles, and Tantardino hit a double. Neer stole two bases; Barr, Klimek, and Chase all stole a base. Flores served as catcher for the entire game to pitchers Kooper Clark, Logan Oswald and Haven Chase. Oswold struck out 5 batters, and Clark struck out three. “Much improved play today in all aspects of the game,” said CHS head baseball coach Klimek in the post-game huddle. “Congratulations to all of you for the effort in practice this last week. It showed on the field today.”

Kooper Clark is a former Greenville ballplayer that came to the Volcanoes along with Neer, Conner, and Tantardino. “Kooper came through with an outstanding relief pitching performance,” said CHS assistant coach George Wellman. Kooper pitched the 5th through 7th innings, allowing one run, one hit, and striking out 3 Tiger batters. “Kooper showed good control facing only 14 batters over three innings and a very efficient 42 pitches,” said Wellman. Logan Oswold started the game and was effective over three innings, giving up 2 runs on 3 hits while facing 17 batters with 68 total pitches.

“The upbeat practices the previous week reaped rewards for the Vols as no errors were committed and steady smart situational baseball was evident in the field,” said Wellman. The game day also marked the birthday for Wade Neer’s mom, and the entire team sang  “Happy Birthday”  just before the game started. Her son Wade managed 5 for 5 batting. At the end of the game Wade stated, “I did it as a gift to my mom!” Highlights for Neer were, going 5 for 5 with a triple, 1 double, and 3 singles. Scoring 3 runs, stealing 2 bases, and contributing 2 RBI’s from the leadoff spot.

From the Tigers, Portola boys hitting RBIs were Tanner Carr, Sean Sheridan, Cody Wilmer, and Jackson Powell. Runs were scored by Carr (2), Ricky Richardson, Johnathon Moran, Sean Sheridan, and Emery Powell.




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