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Pastor Don’s wife Andrea Towle, left, and Ginger Stratford, vice chair on the Wesleyan Church board of directors, invite community members to donate their china, linens and glassware to Wesleyan Church for its China Relocation Extravaganza fundraiser. Photo by Stacy Fisher

China Relocation Extravaganza fundraiser benefits community, Wesleyan Church

The Chester Wesleyan Church is hosting a China Relocation Extravaganza fundraiser, designed to replace the church’s old kitchen stove, which is inadequate to the church’s various culinary outreach programs.

Ginger Stratford, vice chair on the Wesleyan Church board of directors, is asking the community at large if they have a set of chinaware taking up cupboard space that’s never used and just gathering dust.

“People tell me that they have china dishes that their kids have no interest in,” Stratford said, “and would prefer to donate it to the church instead. … It occurred to me that we could have a sale to raise funds for a new kitchen stove.”

Pastor Don is involved in community outreach through hosting culinary events, she explained, “such as our free Monday lunches from 1 to 3 p.m. We thought it would be beneficial if we bought an updated gas stove that’s larger and could better handle the number of people we serve.”

The church hosts a number of events through the year that often include food, such as the recent Widows Lunch that was held inside the Fellowship Hall located inside the church.

“We also invite the community to Easter breakfast, and also to enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas meals at the church,” to share a sense of camaraderie.

Wesleyan Church is seeking unbroken china, clean linens and glassware by June 24, to be sold at the China Relocation Extravaganza sale on Friday and Saturday, July 7 and 8, at the church location at the corner of Frost and Gay in Chester.

Community members who want chinaware will be able to purchase sets — if available — or mix and match pieces at reasonable prices, Stratford said.

Stratford said she wants people to feel good about relocating their precious china into homes where it will be appreciated, while helping Wesleyan Church raise money to improve its cooking facilities with a brand new stove.

For information and to arrange a time and day to delivery your china, linens and glassware at the church location, call Ginger Stratford at 258-2409, email: [email protected] or call the Wesleyan Church office at 258-2359.

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