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CHP looking for Jeep that hit Subway building

Sometime between the hours of 10 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 18, and 4:40 a.m., Sunday, Jan. 19, the driver of a 1999 to 2004 silver Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo turned from westbound Lawrence Street to eastbound Crescent Street in Quincy.

The roadway was extremely icy and the driver of the Laredo lost control on the ice and began sliding toward the Subway building at 23 Crescent St. The driver forcefully applied the brakes in an attempt to stop the Laredo, which slid across Crescent Street. The right front corner of the Laredo struck the northeast corner of the Subway building causing damage to the building.

The driver of the Laredo backed away from the building and then fled the scene eastbound on Crescent Street.

The Laredo will have significant damage to its right front corner including a broken headlight lens. Pieces of the headlight lens, including an orange reflector, right front marker light lens and pieces of Bondo with silver paint applied to it were left at the scene. These have been collected by the CHP.

Anyone with information regarding this collision is asked to contact the Quincy CHP Office, 283-1100, and ask for Officer Stowe or contact the manager of Subway, 283-3303.

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