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CHP Report for the week of 11/20/19

The following incidents are submitted by the Quincy Area California Highway Patrol as a tentative summary pending the conclusion of the investigation(s).

Branch in the road, Nov. 9

At approximately 9:20 a.m., Susan J. Juno, 70, of Tobin, was driving her 2005 granite-colored Nissan Pathfinder westbound on Hwy. 70 just west of the Rock Creek Bridge at a stated speed of 50-55 mph. Juno saw a large branch in the roadway directly in front of her car. She made an aggressive turning movement to the right in an attempt to avoid the branch. The Pathfinder drove off the roadway and onto the north dirt/gravel shoulder and then impacted nearly head-on with a metal guardrail. The vehicle then caromed off the guardrail, re-entered Hwy. 70 while rotating and then went off the roadway again onto the north dirt/gravel shoulder, striking the metal guardrail a second time. The Pathfinder caromed off the guardrail again while still rotating and came to rest straddling the centerline, facing southwest and blocking both lanes of Hwy. 70. Some passers-by stopped and moved the Pathfinder out of the roadway and onto the north dirt/gravel shoulder with the use of a tow strap. One of the passers-by gave Juno a ride back to her home. Juno’s husband called AAA to tow the Pathfinder and they went back to the scene to wait for the tow truck. Juno was eventually take to Plumas District Hospital in Quincy and treated for major injuries. Juno had been wearing her seatbelt, which saved her from more serious injury.

Ice at Red Bridge, Nov. 10

At approximately 11:35 a.m., Dave Wayne Johnson, 60, of Elk Grove, was riding his 2016 Honda Goldwing motorcycle northbound on La Porte Road just south of the Middle Fork Feather River Bridge, known locally as Red Bridge. Johnson was traveling at approximately 40 mph, when he rode over a portion of the roadway that was covered in a thin layer of ice. This caused Johnson to lose control of the Honda as the rear end started to slide out. Johnson entered the south end of Red Bridge as the Honda continued to slide. The motorcycle then rolled over onto its right side, ejecting Johnson. The motorcycle then slid across the roadway and came to rest on the bridge within the southbound lane of La Porte Road, facing in an easterly direction. Johnson continued to slide across the roadway and came to rest against the west-side bridge railing. Johnson was flown out via helicopter to Renown Medical Center in Reno, Nevada, for treatment of major injuries. Johnson was wearing his DOT approved motorcycle helmet at the time of the collision.

Overcorrected, Nov. 15

At approximately 11:45 a.m., Glenn Padula, 72, of Orland, was driving his 2001 white Dodge 2500 pickup truck westbound on Hwy. 70 approaching De Sabla Hydro Headquarters (Rodgers Flat in the Feather River Canyon) at a stated 35-40 mph. Padula allowed the right rear tire of the 2500 to drift off of the roadway and onto the north dirt/gravel shoulder. Padula attempted to bring the 2500 back onto the roadway but overcorrected. The 2500 was then back on Hwy. 70 but was angled towards the opposing lane of traffic. Padula saw an oncoming vehicle (eastbound on the highway) that his 2500 was then heading directly towards. Padula decided to aggressively steer to the right to avoid hitting the other vehicle. The 2500 skidded off the roadway and onto the north dirt/gravel shoulder of Hwy. 70. The front of the 2500 then impacted head-on with the mountainside on the north shoulder. This impact deployed the frontal airbags in the 2500. The 2500 spun around and came to rest facing south completely blocking the westbound lane and partially blocking the eastbound lane of the highway. Padula was able to exit out of his truck, made his way over to the mountainside on the north shoulder, slumped over, and waited for help to arrive. Padula had been wearing his seatbelt, which saved him from more severe injury. He was transported to Enloe Hospital in Chico with major injuries.

Collision, Nov. 16

At approximately 1:26 p.m., a 16-year-old female was driving a 1991 Buick Century northbound on Reese Street approaching Hwy. 70 (East Main Street in Quincy). Alicia Renae Williams, 35, of Greenville, was driving a 2002 Ford Escape eastbound on the highway approaching Reese Street, within the No. 1 lane, at approximately 40 mph. The driver of the Buick stopped at the posted stop sign on Reese Street and then made a left turn onto the highway directly in front of Williams. Williams had no time to react and her Ford struck the left rear door area of the Buick. The collision caused the Ford to spin to the left, subsequently disabling the ford on its wheels within the westbound left turn lane (slightly straddling the westbound No. 1 lane) facing in a westerly direction. The Buick came to rest on its wheels within the eastbound No. 1 lane of the highway, facing in a northeasterly direction. Both drivers were wearing their seat belts at the time of the collision. Williams suffered minor injuries and stated she would seek her own medical aid. The other driver was transported to Plumas District Hospital in Quincy with minor injuries.

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