CHP Report for the week of 7/10/19

The following incidents are submitted by the Quincy Area California Highway Patrol as a tentative summary pending the conclusion of the investigation(s).

Rollover, June 26

At approximately 9:20 p.m., River Nobles, 22, of Oroville, and a passenger were traveling in a 2016 Nissan Versa, westbound on Highway 70, just west of Rock Creek Powerhouse. Nobles stated rate of speed was 65 to 70 mph.

As he navigated a slight right-hand curve in the roadway, he saw a rock in the road. Nobles advised he hit the rock first, but this was unable to be confirmed by a witness who was traveling immediately behind the Nissan.


Nobles lost control of the vehicle and it ran off the road onto the north shoulder. The front right tire of the car struck a concrete culvert cover on the north shoulder. The Nisan then collided with a dirt and foliage embankment on the north shoulder causing it to overturn several times. The car traveled across both lanes before striking the metal guardrail on the south shoulder. Following the collision the vehicle came to rest on its tires, facing west and blocking the eastbound lane.

Both occupants were able to exit the Nissan and a passerby notified emergency personnel via his company radio. Both parties were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the collision.

Nobles complained of pain to his head and lower back. The passenger had visible lacerations on her right knee and shin. Both parties were transported to Enloe Medical Center due to the passenger being six months pregnant and having been involved in a rollover collision.

Nobles was cited for driving without a license as a result of this collision.


Single-car accident, June 29

Dale Haanpaa, 34, of Greenville, was driving a 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt southbound on Highway 89, just north of Indian Falls. It was about 5:15 a.m.

For unknown reasons Haanpaa allowed his vehicle to drift to the left, crossing over the solid double yellow lines and into the southbound lane. The driver attempted to steer his vehicle right to return to the southbound lane. According to the CHP report, due to the high rate of speed he lost control of his vehicle and then overturned.

The southbound lane was completely blocked. The northbound lane remained open with two-way traffic control. The driver sustained minor injuries.

Head-on collision, July 3

At about 12:56 p.m., Tina Borzoni, 52, of Chester, was driving her 2010 white BMW X5 southbound on Highway 89. She was transporting one passenger who was seated in the right front passenger seat of the car. Borzoni had come to a stop at the Greenville Wye.


Marina Shilling, 33, of Quincy, was driving a 1987 black Toyota pickup truck westbound on Highway 70, approaching the intersection with Highway 89, at a stated speed of 50 mph.

Borzoni looked in each direction but failed to see the approaching vehicle. She turned left (east) onto Highway 70 directly in front of Shilling. Shilling saw the BMW pull out in front of her truck, but was unable to take any evasive action before the two vehicles collided. Borzoni saw the Toyota right after she began her turn, but she could not take any evasive action before impact either.

The front of the Toyota struck the front of the BMW. This impact deployed the frontal airbags in the BMW. The two vehicles came to rest facing south partially on the south shoulder of Highway 70 and partially blocking the eastbound lane of Highway 70, within the intersection.

All parties were wearing seatbelts. Borzoni had minor injuries. However, Shilling and the passenger in the BMW both sustained major injuries. Shilling was transported to Enloe Medical Center in Chico. Borzoni’s passenger was treated for his injuries at Plumas District Hospital in Quincy.