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Christmas celebration at White Sulphur Springs Ranch

MVSC Volunteer Nancy Degger dressed as a Christmas tree greeting each guest at the front door of the old Ranch House at White Sulphur Springs Ranch on Dec. 14. Photo by Linda Cooley

The volunteer members of the Mohawk Valley Stewardship Council (MVSC) offered a Christmas celebration at the historic Ranch House on Dec 14.

It was a free community outreach meant to celebrate Christmas and familiarize Plumas County residents with the continuing efforts to rehabilitate the historic property. Event coordinators Debbie Moessinger and Yvonne Ware led a team of volunteers that put the old House in great shape.

There was a volunteer dressed like a Christmas tree greeting visitors at the door. There was Santa Claus and his elf delighting the many children. There was a 20-foot long table in the old dining room filled with home-baked goods donated by the volunteers. There was hot chocolate for all and docent led tours of the old Ranch House.

Carolers from the Portola Methodist Community Choir set up in the restored living room and sang Christmas carols for the entire group of about 100 visitors. It was an afternoon of fun, but a few memorable experiences highlighted the day.

A young girl, about 3 years old, saw Santa sitting next to the Christmas tree, bolted from her mother, ran up to Santa and put her arms around him shouting with joy. Santa and some of the people in the living room were seen to brush some moisture from their eyes.

One of the guests was delighted at the condition of the Ranch House and said she had been a guest when she was 2 years old. She remembered the breakfast served as the best one she ever had.

Volunteer Chair Judy Porep-Lullo was handed an envelope marked “donation” by a visitor and friend. She kept it sealed until after 4 p.m. when most of the guests had left. She then opened the envelope and prepared to add the contents to the donation jar in the dining room. A scream echoed throughout the house when she uncovered a personal check in the amount of $5,000.

Volunteers stared at each other in amazement and stunned gratitude.

Persons willing to help in the effort to restore White Sulphur Springs Ranch to the community should become a member of the MVSC by going to the website at www.WhiteSulphurSpringsRanch.com  For questions call Janet Reihsen at 836-2495.

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