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City wraps up 2021 with new Mayor and IMD rate increase

City Council communications and committee reports

Mayor Bill Powers reported that he had attended a meeting of LAFCo, where municipal services were being discussed. He also noted that he had the “honor of lighting the Christmas tree” at the city lighting this year.

Mayor Pro Tem Pat Morton reported that she had been part of the successful Angel Tree program for yet another Christmas season. “The angels are up, and we will have people come pick up their packages,” Morton said with a smile.

Councilmember Tom Cooley had worked on a couple of occasions spreading wood chips on the disc golf course, assisting the Fire Wise committee with the preparation of an annual report, working with consultants in the fire reorganization feasibility study, as well as food drive baskets distribution with EPCAN for the holidays.

Councilmember Phil Oels reported that he had attended a Transportation meeting. “The Sage Stage starts in Modoc and runs to Reno, and we will soon have a tie in that hooks up, I believe twice a week, at Hallelujah Junction,” Oels said.

Staff Communications/Fire Report/Sheriff’s Report/Air Quality Report

An email from Plumas County Sheriff Office (PCSO) Sgt. Tom Klundby email was read by Lauren Knox to council.

The email stated that between October 31, 2021 and December 22, 2021 there had been 198 calls for services in the city limits. Of those calls there were 12 property crimes, eight crimes against persons, and 10 drug related calls. “The surprising issue has been the increase in traffic related calls which are up at 10, with a much bigger increase than in years past.” The email went on to remind community members to lock their residence and vehicle doors against property crime. “We wish everyone a happy holiday and happy new year,” it concluded.

City Finance Officer Susan Scarlett also mentioned that budgeting had been put on hold. “It is time to get started on updating the master plans,” she said.

City Manager report

City Manager Lauren Knox reported that the Renegade Parade and Old Town Christmas event went very well, with lots of people and children.

“Staff has been in testing and training for new software, and we are weathering storms and keeping the roads as clear as possible,” Knox said. “We will see what the upcoming weather system brings us.” Knox also reported that she had attended a meeting with a consultant of the Local Emergency Services Study Group (LESSG).

“Little League approached us about some items they could do with the ballfields- with potential grants, and we will return with more information, things like lighting that are not ‘to spec’ for Little League,” she said.

Knox noted that the Sheriff contract discussions are still moving along, with the city currently waiting for a redlined version to come back. Knox also touched base with Tim Rhode on the topic of the Disc golf course and what is left to do.                                                    “Tim noted items such as laying the chips down, maintenance, watering the trees,” Knox explained. “There is some potential for lighting in the future but not any time soon.”

All voted in favor of the corrected consent calendar and moved to the next item on the agenda.

Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem appointment

On March 13, 1999 the Portola City Council voted to appoint the Mayor and the Mayor Pro Tem to serve one-year terms beginning in December of every year.

The motion also approved the process for the Mayor Pro Tem to be appointed as the Mayor, unless a 3/5 vote of the Council was to direct otherwise.

After minimal discussion, all present voted in favor of Pat Morton becoming mayor, and Tom Cooley was nominated and voted in by all as mayor pro-tem. All council members switched seats as was tradition before resuming the meeting with Morton assuming the role of mayor.

Resolution No. 2492 Concerning COVID remote meetings

Knox explained that this was the standard review resolution No. 2492 which re-ratifies the proclamation of a state of emergency and re-authorize remote teleconference meetings of the legislative bodies of the City of Portola. With no public comment, the resolution was adopted by unanimous roll call vote.

Community Development Block Grant MOU with Plumas County

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