From left: The Almanor Foundation Director Shawn McKenzie, Terry Collins representing Collins Companies, and Almanor Foundation Treasurer Julie Childers as the Collins presents a check to the foundation. Photo submitted

Collins gives $100,000 to Almanor Foundation for wildfire relief

The Almanor Foundation received a $100,000 grant from Collins Companies Foundation for the Wildfire Relief Fund. The monies raised by the fund support the rebuilding and revitalization of communities impacted by the Dixie Fire.

Collins, a family-owned and operated company, whose vision has always been to build a better world has, throughout the years striven to cultivate safe, efficient and innovative workplaces and vigorous communities where they operate. The town of Chester has often been the recipient of their generosity. Their environmental stewardship and mission to deliver sustainable products to customers has brought them national recognition within the timber industry.  As the largest private employer in the Lake Almanor area, they have lived up to this not only as a vigilant steward of their forest lands, but also by quietly contributing to the well-being of the community and people who live here. In the immediate aftermath of the Fire, Collins gave $50,000 to the local fire department and $15,000 to the local food pantry.

“The Dixie Fire hit all of us in some way.  Whether you lost your home or were one of the many evacuated for over 30 days not knowing if you would return to a home or rubble. Crews from Collins Pine were on the fire line throughout the fire, and now, in the aftermath, the Company is contributing to relief and recovery.  My greatest wish is that the country be aware of the excellence of this kind of private commitment. Collins is and has been a model for others, before as well as after the fire,” says longtime resident and vice chair of the Foundation, Susan Bryner.

With this large donation, The Almanor Foundation can continue supporting those still in need and begin the long road of rebuilding the area, which will take years and millions. “We have found through all of this that the outpouring of support, commitment, volunteerism and generosity defines our rural community.  And though the destruction will be long felt, so will the love and generosity among neighbors and the family behind Collin Pine,” says Bryner.


The Almanor Foundation is a fund of the North Valley Community Association, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. For more information, please visit or call 530.264.5064