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Here are some of the attendees at the May 31 media advisory event concerning the reforestation of the Collins Almanor Forest. From left are District 3 Supervisor Tom McGowan; Katherine Sansone, Almanor Foundation; Angie Avery, Sierra Nevada Conservancy; Kristy Hoffman, Sierra Nevada Conservancy; Dana Dysthe, Cal Fire; Eric O’Kelley, Collins Pine; Michael Hall, (FRRCD); Galen Collins Smith, Collins Company; and Susan Bryner, The Almanor Foundation.  Photo by Gregg Scott

Collins Pine on its way to planting a new forest-a million trees a year


This is what the beginning looks like. With proper care and a few decades, this little pine tree will help the Collins Forest look like we all remember it. Photo by Gregg Scott

By Gregg Scott

Staff Writer

The Collins Company displayed, once again, its dedication to Chester and the Lake Almanor Basin area.  At a media advisory event that tool place off the Stover Mtn. Road last week, several representatives from Collins explained their 10-year plan to begin the reforestation of the roughly 30-plus thousand acres of their land destroyed by the Dixie Fire. Galen Collins Smith, Vice President in charge of Resources, explained that Collins has been hard at work for months to salvage as much of the marketable timber as they could and prepare the burnt-out areas for replanting.  He stressed that the Collins family and the company are committed to the long-term sustainability of both the forest and the surrounding communities and rebuilding the forest is vital to that goal.

Eric O’Kelley, Lead Forester for the Almanor Forest, shared the plan to replant the lost timberlands. As the folks were gathered at this meeting, planting crews were nearby starting the process that includes the goal of planting one million seedlings a year. The plan is to have roughly 20,000 acres replanted (60 percent) by 2026. Of course, the planting will continue even as the reforested areas are observed and maintained to ensure maximum success.

After a Q&A session, O’Kelley and Angie Avery from the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, planted a ceremonial pine seedling to represent the beginning of this year’s million trees.  The funding came from Cal Fire and the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, through fiscal partner Feather River RCD.

Eric O’Kelley, Lead Forester for the Collins Almanor Forester (left) and Angie Avery with the Sierra Nevada Conservancy plant a ceremonial pine seedling representing the first of one million trees slated to by planted this year as the kick-off of the reforestation plan. Photo by Gregg Scott
Even as the Media Advisory was in progress, planting crews with crew members like this fellow were hard at work covering many acres a day. With his bags full of seedlings, he could plant between 600 to 1,000 trees a day. Photo by Gregg Scott
With 15 to 20 members in multiple planting crews and each member planting 600 to a thousand trees a day, it is easy to imagine the goal of a million trees being planted each tear. Photo by Gregg Scott

3 thoughts on “Collins Pine on its way to planting a new forest-a million trees a year

  • How can I volunteer to help?

  • Take a pause before thinking of cutting down your trees on your property unless dead or have defect , 1 million acres of Dixie fire burned a lot of trees. Courtesy of PG&E.

  • Progressive and enlightened management … highest regards to Collins Pines, Inc … corporate forest management at it’s best!

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