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A red tail hawk rests for a moment in Indian Valley. Photo by Jan Carmichael Davies

Communities Rising Jan. 23: Dixie Fire Collaborative gets new leaders

By Meg Upton

   The changing of the guard—for this column too, soon. I came across this photo of a beautiful red tailed hawk on Jan Davies Facebook page. Solitary in the cold morning. I liked that. I like this time of year as days begin to grow longer and we find ourselves contemplative and hopeful for spring, and hopeful for positive change.

   A new generation of volunteers is stepping up to be part of the Dixie Fire Collaborative Steering Committee. Dax Albrecht will be representing Indian Falls and Mat Fogarty will represent Indian Valley. The two new members were elected at the Jan. 21 DFC meeting.

   Albrecht was elected to a full-term following his appointment to finish the term of the position held by Terry Schwartz. Fogarty is replacing Kest Porter, who represented Indian Valley and has been planning to step down.

   Other members of the Steering Committee are Clint Koble, co-chair; Madeline Goss, secretary; Paula Johnston, health and social services; Shelby Leung, Maidu community; Jane Braxton Little, communications; Tyler Pew, [Re] build; Cheri Prior, treasurer; Marsha Roby, Greenville; Denise Savala, Maidu community; Leida Schoggen, Warner Valley; Moorea Stout, housing; and Sue Weber, co-chair.

   Savala has asked to step down, so the DFC is looking for someone to represent the Maidu community on the DFC Steering Committee.

   Speaking of volunteering, Crescent Mills Fire Department is said to need another board member. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, head over to the station and talk to them.

   Online residents have been discussing how their HEAP applications haven’t gone through and they haven’t received heating assistance—in some cases applications have taken so long to process they’ve expired. It used to be pretty automatic. We’d love to hear more about this issue.

   And on a final note, The Spot highlighted on social media the work the Greenville Rotary has been doing around town—most notably in getting the greenhouse tent over the tables at the Spot so customers can eat and not freeze at the same time. They are always helping some aspect of the community rebuild. Consider joining them. You can find them meeting the first and third Wednesdays of the month at the Plumas Bank building at 1:30 p.m. They’ve been doing marvelous things.

   Now more than ever, we need your input, your tips, your story ideas and press releases. Send your information to to [email protected]. Stay safe out there and very warm.

Dixie Fire Resource Center

   The DFRC has a new phone number: (530) 871-9700. To reach Rena Moffett, ext. 833; to reach Martha Vaughn, ext 888. If you need a Disaster Case Manager you can call Plumas Rural Services at (530) 283-2735 and select the option for Disaster Case Manager.


 Entrepreneur Rally Jan. 28

    Indian Valley Innovation Hub is sponsoring an Entrepreneur Rally for business networking and building economic development momentum. Business people at all stages of business development are invited to attend as well as anyone wanting to address our unique economic challenges in Indian Valley. The purpose of these rallies is to be inclusive in a community driven process to assess both the challenges and possible solutions to building homegrown businesses.

   This one takes place at the new Grizzly Bite in Taylorsville on Saturday, Jan. 28 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Pizza and a free beverage are provided.

   The rallies serve to build momentum for economic development and give business people the opportunity to learn about free resources. Business people can mingle with others and receive support.

   For more information, contact IVIH director Lara Wheeler at (907) 242-4426 or [email protected].

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