A favorite morning sight in Indian Valley—cows! Photo by Anna Lawson

Communities Rising: June 16 – Still so much beauty

   Where has June gone already that it’s the third week of the month? Perhaps it’s all the lightning and thunder and rain that had me wondering when summer was starting. In southern California we’ve just had a thick gray sky for days. We will begin our big summer project soon: getting the property in Greenville we originally were going to retire on ready for sale. Looking at that sentence of course makes me sad. Visiting the property a couple of weeks ago had me almost wanting to try in vain to stay the course. But our situation has changed and it’s just not something we’ll be able to do now. Big breath in. Big breath out. It’s going to be okay. Life is about changes in plans, right?

   The flowers and green on the property are truly awe-inspiring and hopeful, but sometimes the gargantuan tasks before many of us become too much. Case in point those of us who are poised to rebuild but the roadblocks of insurance or materials or plans or inspections or, or, or get in the way. One starts to wonder if it’s worth it. Is it easier to walk away? Last time I was downtown I was craving the sweet faces of Christi Hazelton or Mary Shero and their food but everything was closed and it was midday. Both of those food truck chefs have hit roadblocks (or trailer blocks as the case may be) and I pray they’re back soon and have the stamina to keep on. But, alas.

   I spoke with an old friend today who has one of my favorite views of Indian Valley (she lives off North Valley Road). She was looking out that big picture window and we talked about the struggles with the schools and rebuilding and the lack of goods and services.


   “But it’s still so beautiful here,” she said at the end. And that’s what we hold on to, right? That despite all the negatives, our communities are still beautiful.

   Here’s some events and meetings coming up that you might want to know about. As usual if you have a story idea, something happening in your corner of Plumas County, let us know and email at [email protected]. I’ll be in Lisbon for a couple of weeks but I’ll check email from you all. Also have you checked out Lost Sierra Lightworks at https://www.lostsierralightworks.org/indian-valley.html? He keeps a good list.

Dixie Fire Collaborative Meeting

   Today from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Greenville Elementary School cafeteria.

Indian Valley Thrift Shop and Chamber Mixer


  The official Grand Re-opening of Indian Valley Thrift Shop is today! Those Indian Valley Thrift Shop volunteers have been working endlessly for this to happen (soft opening was last week). Come join the celebration from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Spot. It’s a $3 to $4 clothing bag sale at the thrift shop—just like old times. Donations will be accepted soon (June 20) but hold off on bringing them this weekend. For more information call (530) 394-0404.

Father’s Day Picnic

  Not sure what to do with dad? Take him to the Greenville Park on Hot Springs Road featuring live music by the Back 40 (that’s Tommy Miles’ band).  Bring your own ‘mess kits’, grilling gear and something to share. There are a few shared grills or picnic goers can bring their own. The flyer says to bring homemade sides to share but not to bring processed store bought foods. Okay, then. Call Dan Kearns at (949) 395-3694 for any questions.

Historic Hall vs The Grange

   Next Monday, June 19 at 4 p.m. there will be a community supper at the Taylorsville Historic Hall. At 5 p.m. there will be a meeting with the Secretary of State of the Grange who will explain why the Grange is suing the board of the Taylorsville Historic Hall in order to regain ownership of the building. The Hall is one of the few meeting places left in Indian Valley post Dixie Fire. The community is asked to come and show support for the Hall.


Kid Mob Workshop

   Kid Mob is back! Tyler Pew of LMNOP Design Inc., indicated that they will be running a KIDmob workshop from June 20 to 22 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. with lunch being provided. This is for children ages 12 through 16. If older students would like to join, they are asked to also reach out.

   “The focus is on the role of memory as we [Re]Build Greenville. The goal of the workshop is to begin discussing what a memorial/forest walk/art piece… could be to honor our shared memories before and after the fire. While it sounds like a heavy subject we hope to approach [it] with a playful and intentional manner,” said Pew.

   Students have the opportunity to work with a ‘mob’ of professional designers, engineers, architects, and fabricators to design and even build out real solutions for the community.


   Parents can sign up at [email protected] or at Indian Valley Academy or at the www.kidmob.org website.

   The event will take place at Indian Valley Academy, (4338 Main Street, Taylorsville).

North Fork Forest Recovery Project

  On Wednesday, June 21, North Fork Forest Recovery Project is hosting a public meeting focusing on Taylorsville, North Arm, and Genesee communities at the Historic Taylorsville Hall from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The project is a 166,000-acre forest restoration project surrounding a number of communities impacted by Dixie. This is a co-sponsored series of meetings sponsored by the Sierra Institute, USDA, and the US Forest Service. For more information call (530) 284-1022 or email [email protected]. There will be a meeting on July 13 for Greenville and Crescent Mills and one on July 19 for Indian Falls, Seneca, Belden, Twain, Paxton, Canyon Dam and other communities in the canyon.

Membership Drive

Next Saturday, June 24 there is a Chamber Mixer and Membership Drive 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Spot in downtown Greenville.

We all benefit from photographer Anna Lawson’s eye on her early morning runs in Indian Valley. Photo by Anna Lawson