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Beautiful and exhausting in Mt. Hough Estates this morning. Another load of snow in the driveway over night. Photo submitted

Communities Rising: March 1

   It’s been a few weeks. You’ve been inundated with snow. I’ve been inundated with rain. We’re probably both in that freefall of what do we do now and we are all in some serious need of vitamin D. I’m no warmer than you are though, alas southern Californian houses are not well insulated for such weather. The mountains down here are snow covered and palm trees bend in the heavy winds as if they were trees in a Dr. Seuss book.

   I thought about Plumas a good deal at the YMCA the other morning where I swim laps. After swimming I headed to the spa tub adjacent; I knew better than to go in there with the brew of bros of all ages talking sports and how they dislike their wives and girlfriends’ company. But my knee and back needed the blasts of hot bubbles on them so I braved the spa of dude talk and it turned to talk about the ‘hoax’ of climate change and how natural disasters are largely—in their words—exaggerated. These experts had much to say about the overblown news coverage on disasters that weren’t disasters at all. I thought about correcting them, but I’m a middle-aged woman of average looks and thus, my superpower is being invisible around such creatures and honestly, I’m enjoying being invisible so I said nothing and just listened to them wax on about things they most certainly know nothing about.

   Even me, a hater of snow, can at least intellectually admit it’s necessary and champion the snowpack so sorely needed. But alas, the bros were not up to that and so I spent my time wondering what the plural count noun of a spa full of bros is. I settled on a brew of bros (in the running was gang of bros, conference of bros, and a beer of bros). It did get me thinking that if we are to ever provide solutions that work for the whole state we must get over the north/south divide so that the two areas understand each other better, bros aside. Apparently, their whole conversation got started because their golf game got canceled.

   Much of Plumas County life has been canceled this week. Kudos to all involved for pre-emptively canceling classes and county offices. I hope all remain safe and that the roads open for goods and services to flow—it always freaks me out when there’s no path in or out that’s navigable.

   Thanks to the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office for the myriad of updates on social media. It is much appreciated. Teachers, go easy on students with intermittent Internet that means their assignments cannot be posted when you want them to. Go easy on yourself as seasonal depression grabs hold and clings. Hopefully there’s a nice warm bowl of soup and hot chocolate available to you.

   I’ve gleaned the following from press releases, the Internet, and random texts. As usual, you are welcomed to email me at [email protected] any time. Oh and if you heard the segment of me on NPR yesterday, I rattled on for 45 minutes regarding Plumas County and the segment was five minutes or less, so I do apologize if it sounds like I didn’t cover everything. Or anything.

IVCSD Vacancy

IVCSD has a vacancy. This could be a great opportunity for someone to learn more than probably you wanted to know about community services districts. Contact [email protected] for your interest.



   Indoor sports happening and just in time too. The annual shuffleboard tournament to fundraise for the Indian Valley Community commences this Saturday, March 4 at 4 p.m. in the backroom of the Taylorsville Tavern with a taco dinner, ($15 for adults and $10 for kids and players). Players must register by 5 p.m. There’s a $20 buy in and a 50/50 pot. Players must be 21 or older to play.

Permitting Workshop

   Reminder, North Valley Catholic Social Services and Plumas Rural Services will be holding a permitting workshop down at the Spot on Saturday, March 11 from 12 noon to 2 p.m. weather permitting.  Speakers will address all aspects of building/reconstruction and include Charles White, Tracey Ferguson, Kevin Naylor and Dan Litchfield. Most of the discussion sounds like it will cover the building permitting process, review planning, inspection, etc.

Greenville Fire Cats


   Greenville Fire Cats could use some donations. They have an Amazon list and can be reached on their facebook page of the same name.  It’s pretty cold out there for our feral feline neighbors.

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