Community Conversations conducts second survey

In an effort to support the Quincy community and local businesses, Community Conversations (a group of concerned residents) conducted its first survey in April 2020. The results were presented to the Board of Supervisors in June with the intention to promote greater understanding about the needs of the community during these challenging times.

Community Conversations is a grassroots group that was formed in the spring of 2020 with the mission statement: “To provide open forums to cultivate respectful conversation about relevant issues and societal concerns in an effort to support our community.”

In October 2020 Community Conversations hosted an outdoor symposium, gathering together about 25 local residents with the goal of developing a shared vision of community during divisive times.

In January 2021, a second survey was conducted.  The respondents were primarily small businesses, church congregants and friends and neighbors.  Three hundred surveys were distributed with a little over 100 responses collected.


Several themes clearly emerged:

  • Although suggestions for doing so were varied, there is a strong desire for citizens at large and businesses to have more communication with the Board of Supervisors and other local governing bodies.
  • Developing tolerance for diverse viewpoints was important.
  • Respectful and civil communication was mentioned numerous times.

There were many ideas about building community:

  • Fairgrounds seen as a central hub for community events
  • Create non-political events
  • Unplug social media and just talk
  • seek common ground
  • Engage with your neighbors

Where do we go from here?  Some possibilities are:

  • Community forums
  • Town hall meetings
  • Community driven projects bringing diverse groups together

There has never before been a time when communities are so divided, ideologically and politically – and yet the time seems right for the challenge we face – to find strength through our adversity.

Community Conversations welcomes your input.  If you would like to share your ideas please email:  [email protected]


Community Survey 2021 – FINAL RESULTS