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Community holiday dinner in Portola serves many dinners and much cheer

The Rotary Club of Portola provided a special Holiday Dinner for the community at the Catholic Church in Portola on Wednesday, December 14. With help from several community members, about 130 turkey dinners were served and many more were sent home to folks that couldn’t make it. Community folks that committed their time and energy were Darla Thompson, Terri Cooper, Debbie Bliss, Taylor Bliss, Jackie Joy, and Laurine Prinvale, and Rotarians Matt and Elizabeth Cruse, Kim and Sam Wilbanks, Rachelle Ramelli, Renee Hermann, and Van VanDerveen were serving as well.
A full house at the community holiday dinner at the Catholic Church in Portola, with the Rotary Club of Portola getting hands on to cook and serve. Photos submitted

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus paid a visit! Little Oaklyn was quite pleased. Left to right are Rotarians Renee Hermann, Van VanDerveen, Sam Wilbanks, Rachelle Ramelli with little Oaklyn, Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Doug McCoy and Kim Wilbanks.

Left to right are community helpers Darla Thompson, Terri Cooper, Debbie Bliss, and Taylor Bliss. A big thanks to these folks who stepped up at the last minute to help serve the food. Rotarian Sam wilbanks is on the far right.

Laurine Prinvale and Jackie Joy kept the presents and desserts moving!

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