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A large crew works together as the DA’s Office plays host at the Community Supper on March 1. Front row, from left: Shaundell Wingfield, Samantha Rick, Kelly Styger, Lori Beatley, Brystol Beatley, Emma Beatley, Lara Hollister, Stephanie Tanaka and departing Joel McComb. Back row, from left: Katelyn Johns, Sheri Johns, David Hollister and Mason Werner. Photo submitted

Community supper serves up 80,000 meals

The District Attorney’s Office, friends and family hosted 127 diners at the community supper in the Methodist Church in Quincy, with a meal of enchiladas, rice, beans and salad.

“We really enjoyed the evening,” said DA David Hollister with an apron on and his hands full gathering up a trash bag.

“We jokingly referred to it as the ‘Last Supper,’” said Hollister. That’s because a member of his staff, Deputy District Attorney Joel McComb, leaves the office this week after nearly six years of “great service to Plumas County,” said Hollister. “Joel will be missed and we wish him well with the excellent opportunity he has to prosecute white-collar crime for the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office.”

It was a typically wonderful night at the community supper; the hall filled with the buzz of neighbors meeting and greeting, pleasant aromas of a freshly prepared meal filling the air and sweet piano music trickling in between the laughter and chatter.

The community supper volunteers are celebrating 15 years serving meals to townsfolk. The anniversary is this fall, but regular supper volunteer Randy Mikesell estimates the total number served so far is around 80,000!

“That doesn’t even include second servings or to-go plates,” said Mikesell, “that would probably add another 30,000.”

The biggest crowd ever served by the community supper was 260 people, Mikesell recalled, “but lately it’s been more like 120 to 140 diners,” said Mikesell of the free meal that everyone is invited to attend which takes place Wednesdays at 6 p.m.

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