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Community Wellness Talks Begin for Fall Season

Kelly Sanchez Furtado will be the first speaker of the season for the Community Wellness Talks on Thursday, Oct. 10, at 6 p.m.

Furtado “returns to Community Wellness Talks with a bold and playful new topic … that she is willing to practice and unfold along with us,” says organizers Pat Bradley.

She will explain the differences between psychic reads, medium reads and channels. Then she will play an example of a channel in action and follow with a short meditation, according to Bradley.

Participants may request a channel from Furtado at the end of the gathering. Those interested should bring a piece of paper with their name, mailing address and a question you might like some insights about. Furtado will channel these at her home and send out the results to those who would like.

The wellness talk gatherings take place at the Greenville Wellness Center in downtown Greenville in the backroom behind the main building. For more information, contact Pat Bradley, 284-7983.

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