Consent agenda draws some discussion

While the Board of Supervisors’ consent agenda is often a routine item Supervisor Michael Sanchez pulled three requests for action to discuss at the meeting Jan. 15.

The board approved all but one request.

Behavioral health requests

An agreement for services with Gary Ernst was requested.


According to Plumas County Behavioral Health Services Director Tony Hobson, Ernst’s services are required to complete the department’s state and county mandated cost reports and revenue expenditure reports.

Hobson said the contract was first approved for $15,000 that would have fulfilled Ernst’s contract until he retired in 2019. However, recent audits and requests from the Department of Health Care Services warranted extra services.

County counsel approved the amendment with a compensation limit of $25,000.

In another request, Hobson asked that the chair of the Board of Supervisors be authorized to sign a multiyear equipment lease not to exceed $44,607. The lease was between the county of Plumas and Tamco Capital Corporation. This would cover the wellness centers’ phone system through April 2022.

This was one of the items pulled for discussion. Engel asked Hobson why the wellness centers didn’t fall under the county’s new phone network.

Behavioral Health’s staff provides clinical services, wellness activities and resource support at the wellness centers in Portola, Greenville and Chester, according to Hobson.


The wellness centers’ phone system was procured with a contract through Plumas County Intervention and Resource Center. “This agreement will allow the county to assume the existing equipment lease agreement,” he explained.

Hobson said they were continuing with what was in place with a previous contract. He added that Behavioral Health’s phone system is still different from the new one implemented by the county.

Engel pointed out that what the county implemented was a more than $300,000 contract. He wanted to know if it couldn’t all be incorporated.

Although someone from the board meeting attempted to have answers provided from the county’s IT department, no one was available. It was determined that more information was needed from IT.

Prom is set

Devin Correira, director of the Department of Facility Services, requested that supervisors waive the rental fee for the Quincy High School prom.

The event is slated for May 18. “After reviewing the request, Facility Services has no issue with deviating from the fee schedule,” Correira said.


Authorization given

Supervisors approved a resolution authorizing Plumas County Clerk-Recorder, Registrar of Voters Kathy Williams to conduct all federal, state and local elections this year.

Williams is able to appoint all election officers, secure polling places and to perform all election related duties for another year.

In the resolution, Williams is also authorized to canvass all election returns and to certify the results to supervisors.

It is also part of the resolution that a candidate’s statement of qualifications included in a sample ballot shouldn’t be longer than 200 words. The printing and mailing costs are to be paid for by the candidate or the jurisdiction.

Williams is also authorized to submit a statement to any governmental jurisdiction for which the costs for any election services are incurred.

Probation contract

It was requested by Chief Probation Officer Erin Metcalf that the chair of the Board of Supervisors sign a contract with Dr. Alfredo M. Amezaga Jr. for juvenile psychological evaluations.


The Plumas County Probation Department contracts with Amezaga to do evaluations. This function is mandated by the state of California, according to Metcalf.

This is done as needed, according to the request. The contract is not to exceed $10,000.

Sheriff’s vehicles

Keeping the sheriff’s office’s vehicle in top running order was the nature of two requests made by Sheriff Greg Hagwood. This item was also pulled from the agenda for discussion and eventually tabled.

Considering that the sheriff had a request before the board the previous week for a different contract, Engel wanted to know why the department had so many contracts.

Although no one was present from the sheriff’s office, Simpson said she thought she could answer that. Just because the sheriff has contracts with so many business doesn’t mean the department plans to spend that amount with the business. Simpson said that if one business can’t see to the work needed on a sheriff’s vehicle another was under contract to do the work. “It’s because of availability,” Simpson said.


The first contract is with Mark E. Bennett of Bennett Enterprises for repairs not to exceed $25,000. The agreement is from March 1 to Feb. 28, 2020.

The second contract is with Kassbohrer All Terrain Vehicles for service of the office’s snowcat. That is not to exceed $20,000. The agreement covers Feb. 15 through Feb. 14, 2020.

New equipment

Bob Perreault, director of the Department of Public Works, requested that supervisors allow them to purchase engineering survey equipment.

Engel also wanted to know why public works wanted survey equipment.

Perreault said they needed the equipment for field data and topography work. The other survey work was contracted out.

The amount of the survey equipment is not to exceed $19,503, Perreault explained. And that funding is included in the 2018-19 budget.

Perreault said the department went with a company in Sacramento that had the lowest responsible cost for the complete survey package. Bids were received from three other companies.


Perreault said public works hasn’t purchased survey equipment in the 12 years he’s been with the department. Until recently they leased equipment. And when there was enough funding in this year’s budget, Perreault said they decided to put it out to bid.