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County advises that monetary donations are what is most needed for victims

The Dixie Fire has devastated the lives of many families in the County of Plumas.  Thanks to the compassion and generosity of so many donors, great efforts are made to meet the needs of survivors are being met. We have received clothing in abundance and donation requests are now turning to addressing long term recovery needs. The process of rebuilding and recovering from this devastating fire may take months or even years.


If you would like to help, please consider making a monetary contribution to a trusted disaster response or recovery organization or foundation.  These donations allow responding organizations to purchase exactly what is needed when it is needed most. The best donation to support disaster response and recovery is a financial donation to a trusted nonprofit organization engaged in disaster operations. Financial gifts to nonprofits are preferred for some of the following reasons:


  • Precisely what is needed, when it is needed may be purchased to support operations during response and recovery as well as eliminate problems of outdated and un-needed items.
  • Promoting monetary donations helps prevent the second disaster of useless in-kind donations.
  • Nonprofit organizations are able to provide tax deductible receipts to donors.
  • Handling, storing, documenting, and transporting financial contributions are easier and utilize fewer resources than in-kind donations.
  • Purchasing products in a disaster impacted area helps rebuild the local economy.
  • Leveraging pre-established relationships and making wholesale/bulk purchases allows voluntary organizations to purchase more for their money.
  • Financial contributions allow for equitable disbursement procedures.


Thank you for your continued generous support for County residents recovering from the Dixie Fire.

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