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County airports in for funding, new equipment

Plumas County’s three airports have qualified for nearly $1 million in federal grant funding, according to Facility Services and Airports Director Kevin Correira on Tuesday, Dec. 10.

Correira was before the Board of Supervisors to explain the funding source and how it will be divided and spent among the airports.

Funding totaling $996,731 is coming through the FAA’s Airport Improvement Plan grant program. “Plumas County has been authorized to use this grant funding to purchase snow-removal equipment for each airport and a 12,000 gallon aviation fuel tank in Beckwourth,” Correira explained.

In separate items, Correira explained further how funding will be spent and the county and state’s grant match.

A new snowplow through Silver State International Trucks is one item. The FAA grant pays 90 percent of the costs, the state’s 5 percent and Plumas County’s match is another 5 percent, Correira explained. The total cost is $241,216.70. The county’s share is $12,060.84. Nothing is requested from the general fund.

Correira said that he also intends to purchase three new rotary snow blowers, or one for each airport. The FAA, state and county costs remain the same. The overall cost is $298,150.92. The county’s share comes to $14,907.54. This equipment will come from Belkorp Ag LLC.

Correira also plans to purchase the fuel tank from McCuen Construction. It will be placed at the Nervino Airfield in Beckwourth.

The cost is not to exceed $466,445. The county’s share is $25,654. Again nothing comes from the general fund.

Budget change request

Correira explained that during the fiscal year 2019-20 budget hearings, the Airport Capital Improvements was established. “It was later determined that the budget was not set up correctly to accommodate the expenses of the planned improvements,” he explained. “The approved budget lists $919,958 in revenue and $53,543 in expenses; the expense budget needs to be increased.”

It was explained that the three airports in Quincy, Chester and Beckwourth have been awarded four FAA grants through the improvement program. “Due to initial low estimates of the costs of the scheduled improvements, the revenue and expenses have slightly increased,” he said.

Anticipated revenue from FAA grants increases from $919,948 to $996,731. Another increase is from the California Department of Transportation — Aeronautics Division matching grant revenue is $49,836 increasing the total revenue to $1,046,567.

The county’s original cost share was $53,543 and this has increased to $60,912. Expenses for the scheduled improvements will total $1,107,479.

Supervisors approved all of Correira’s requests.

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