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County fair seeks volunteers

Volunteers have always been a major part of operations at the Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds — from livestock clerks to Art Barn docents. There has always been a solid group of people willing to donate their time to make an event a great experience for the community. With the increase in popularity of the signature events at the fairgrounds; the Plumas-Sierra County Fair and the Plumas Homegrown Americana Festival, the need for even more volunteers has grown.

For some, the motivation is as simple as just wanting to help, and that has always been the very best reason to pitch in. However, these events have evolved into economic forces that benefit our community in so many ways. They create jobs, they bring new money into the area, and they expose our counties to many new visitors.

When volunteers become part of these events, they not only help things run properly, they also represent our area. They give advice when it comes to restaurants, or hiking areas, or just show visitors what kind of people live here. The fairgrounds wants to invite locals who would like to represent our community to volunteer for these two premier events.

Plumas-Sierra County Fair

Let’s start with the fair, Aug. 14-18. The truth is, even though the fair doesn’t open until Wednesday, Aug. 14, all the entries are being judged in the days before. Each judge needs a clerk to help take notes and keep track of how each division and class is placed. Most of these positions take a couple of hours and don’t take a lot of effort beyond keeping neat notes and being helpful. Several clerks are needed Monday, Aug. 12, and Tuesday, Aug. 13, in the Home Arts Building.

If you are looking for something with a bit more challenge, consider a new position this year — Principal of Education. The theme for this year’s fair is “Show What You Grow, Share What You Know.” When it comes to the second part of that theme, the fair has lined up quite a curriculum of classes to show what we know in our community. To make that run smoothly, we need a Principal of Education to make sure our “teachers” are in the right place at the right time, as well as introduce them and help where needed. Imagine the prestige of such a position!

Finally, the volunteers for the Old Fishing Hole have become easier and easier to find. Each year, those that have stepped up to help youngsters experience fishing, seem to want to come back the following year because it is such a fulfilling task. There are still several openings. The Old Fishing Hole is open from noon to 3 p.m. each day of the fair. Volunteers need to know how to bait a hook, work well with children, and talk about the importance of fishing to our area.

Plumas Homegrown Americana Festival

The Plumas Homegrown Americana Festival, Aug. 30-Sept. 1, is fast becoming a well-known West Coast event. It is marketed primarily to people outside the area, which makes it very important to have volunteers who are well aware of their role as representatives of Plumas County.

From the moment visitors enter the fairgrounds, the event needs people who will greet them and make them feel welcome. If you think part of your skill set is sitting under a pop-up tent and smiling, then this is your kind of job. You may have to listen to live music, but that’s easy.

The Americana Festival is looking for a particularly hospitable person who can run our entertainer lounge. This involves serving soft drinks, snacks and keeping the lounge tidy. We also could use someone willing to check-in the performers as they arrive at the fairgrounds. Again, a smile is required and a basic knowledge of where the bathrooms are, where they can leave their instruments, what time they will be performing and where the entertainer’s lounge is. You can do this!

Finally, the most coveted and sought after volunteer position has to be a server at the PSCF Foundation’s wine booth; the Starlight Room. This watering hole is open for both the fair and the Americana Festival and offers fine wine and delicious shrimp cocktails. Proceeds from this venture are used to improve the fairgrounds, but even more important is having people staffing it that can make all the visitors feel like they are guests at our house. We are looking for people that can emulate a flight attendant on TWA in 1966! And you don’t have to wear a uniform!

If you haven’t been able to figure it out yet, the number one attribute the fair is looking for in a volunteer is the ability to serve the public cheerfully and unselfishly. There are many hours to cover, and there is certainly a time slot that would fit your schedule. If you think you would like to be part of this merry band, please contact the fair office at 283-6272.

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