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County Permit Center changes Days of Operation

The Plumas County Building Services Director, Charles White, has released the following information, today, April 19, 2022:

“Since the end of the Beckwourth and Dixie fires in 2021, the permit center at 555 Main Street, Quincy has experienced historic levels of phone calls, records requests, emails, and front counter activity, creating a reduction of time being applied to permit intake and issuance. In order to give staff additional time to process either incoming or outgoing permit submittals without interruption, it has become necessary to adjust the office hours. Beginning on May 6, 2022, the Planning and Building offices will be closed to the public on Friday of every week until further notice. Staff will still be working those days to process permit applications. Building inspections will still be done on Fridays and the drop boxes are still available in Chester or Quincy.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for members of the public wishing to contact the Planning or Building Departments, but after much consideration staff felt this would be the best short-term solution to prevent a growing backlog. Voice mails and emails sent on Fridays will be returned the following workweek during open office hours. Adding staff was considered, but the time it takes for one staff member to train a new staff member is lost productivity time, that under current conditions only adds to creating a backlog. There has also been great difficulty finding qualified applicants, which is an ongoing issue all employers within the County have been dealing with.

Thank you for your consideration.”

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