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County snow removal crews are spread out across Plumas as they attempt to clear the streets of the quickly accumulating snow. Photo by Debra Moore

County road department fighting the falling snow

The Plumas County Road Department is spread thin but doing their best to keep up with the blizzard conditions throughout the county.

A Plumas News reader asked about the department’s plows, after hearing rumors that some were inoperable.

Deputy Public Works Director Joe Blackwell said that there are equipment issues, but lack of personnel is more of a problem. For example, Blackwell said that the department used to have 10 to 14 snow removal operators in the Chester area, but now is down to just three. “We usually bring the Greenville crew up there to help out,” Blackwell said, ” but they are busy in Greenville.” Blackwell attributes the personnel shortage to the low wages offered for the positions.

When asked if Chester was being the hardest hit, Blackwell said that all areas of the county are being inundated with snow, but Chester is particularly challenging because of the numerous residential areas.

Today is supposed to be the final day of the blizzard and Blackwell said it will take the next couple of days to catch up with all of the snow that has accumulated.

Wednesday through Friday are forecast to be dry, before another several days of snow is forecast to begin on Saturday.

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