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County seeks state COVID-19 relief and realignment backfill

Members of the Board of Supervisors just met the state’s deadline for coronavirus relief funding and realignment backfill.

Supervisors approved adding an urgency item to the July 7 agenda allowing County Administrator Gabriel Hydrick to send in a signed request to the California Department of Finance.

Hydrick explained that he received the state paperwork June 30 after the supervisors’ agenda had been posted. Once posted it’s too late to add to the agenda, County Council Craig Settlemire told the board. It also must contain information that must be presented before supervisors’ next regular meeting.

To participate in the proposal for financial relief and realignment backfill to counties, paperwork had to be signed and returned to the state by Friday, July 10.

This funding from the California Department of Finance would allocate nearly $1.3 billion for public health and public safety impacts of COVID-19, including homelessness.

Under the same document it stated that cities would receive $500 million. Plumas County’s only city is Portola. Population is used to determine how much it is to receive. Populations of less than 300,000 would be allocated a total of $275 million. No city is to receive less than $50,000. That would include Portola.

By meeting the state’s deadline, counties that meet federal guidance, the state’s stay-at-home requirements and other health requirements as directed by the state’s government.

Payments will be made in installments.

Supervisors voted unanimously to sign the document and return it by email to the state.

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