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County supervisors address emergency response

Sheriff Greg Hagwood convinced the Plumas County Board of Supervisors on Aug. 8 to make up to $80,000 available to pay CDX Wireless for consulting help on upgrades to the county’s emergency communications network.

Hagwood told the board that a variety of telecommunications upgrades have been in progress for some time. He said the county was at a critical junction in upgrading the communications system, which involves working with several agencies and private partners throughout the county.

Hagwood said, “We want to ensure that what we put in place, and where we go in the future, is as effective as it can be.”

Tina Venable, director of nursing for the public health agency, introduces Darren Beatty as the new chair of the Plumas County Emergency Medical Care Committee to the Board of Supervisors on Aug. 8. Photos by Steve Wathen

Emergency medical care

Darren Beatty was introduced by Tina Venable, director of nursing for the public health agency, as the new chair of the Plumas County Emergency Medical Care Committee.

The Committee reviews ambulance services, emergency medical care and first aid training programs in the county and makes recommendations for improvements to the Plumas County Office of Emergency Services.

Beatty will be replacing Steve Tolen, who has been a paramedic in the community for 40 years. The board agreed on the wonderful job that Tolen has done for the county. Simpson suggested that the county give Tolen a formal certificate of appreciation.

Beatty is currently special projects manager for Plumas District Hospital. Beatty grew up in Quincy and was an EMT at the hospital when he was in high school.

After graduation from U.C. Berkeley and seven years with the Marine Corps, where he continues to serve as a major in the reserves, Beatty returned to Quincy as an EMT.

Citizens speak out

During the public comment period at the beginning of the meeting, Wayne Cartwright of Quincy gave the board a petition opposed to the planning director’s decision of June 30 concerning the Genesee heliport. He said the decision allowed construction of heliports and airports on all lands zoned as agriculture preserve within Plumas County without the need for an environmental review or a special use permit.

Wayne Cartwright of Quincy gives the board a petition Aug. 8 with the names of people opposed to the county’s decision on June 30 concerning a heliport in Genesee Valley.

Cartwright asked the board to reverse its decision of Aug. 1, “in the spirit of law and democracy.”

The petition submitted to the board had 204 signatures. The group submitting the petition is continuing to add signatures.

John Preschutti of Blairsden told the board, “Everyone was blindsided last week by changing the agenda discussion from setting the date for the appeals hearing … to deciding if the appeal was lawful.” He asked the board to rehear the motion for dismissal of the appeal and to advertise that rehearing under the proper agenda heading.

Larry Douglas asked the board to take the 2016-2017 Grand Jury Report seriously. He agreed with the grand jury that the county should hire a county administrative officer.

Hiring underway

Simpson reported that the county has received several applications for county librarian. Simpson has volunteered to oversee the library since Lynn Sheehy resigned as county librarian in June.

Craig Settlemire, county counsel, told the board that interviews would begin this week for a new deputy county counsel to help him with his workload.

On April 18, the board decided to raise the pay for the deputy county counsel position to 96 percent of a 10-county average for that position, in order to attract additional and more experienced applicants.

Settlemire has been working without the help of a second lawyer for almost a year. The previous deputy county counsel, Steve Mansell, resigned in September 2016.

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  • So…back to the Grand Jury and the hiring of a CAO…..we cant let this go….oversight is appropriate and overdue.
    Can we get a response to this this time Lori Simpson? Im sure this matter will be pressed in the near future. Shit or get off the pot.
    And wont you be spread a little thin managing the library too? Why is everyone leaving?

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