Sixth grader Joshua Shelton received C. Roy Carmichael Elementary School’s distinguished Principal’s Recognition Award during the April 21 broadcast of the PUSD school board meeting. Composite photo by Feather Publishing/Plumas News

CRC student Joshua Shelton earns Principal’s Recognition Award at school board meeting

By Roni Java

Joshua Shelton, a sixth-grader at C. Roy Carmichael Elementary School (CRC) in Portola, received the distinguished Principal’s Recognition Award on April 21 when the Plumas Unified School District’s (PUSD) Governing Board of Trustees broadcast its monthly teleconference.

CRC Principal Melissa Leal introduced the student to School Board President Traci Holt and Trustees Joleen Cline, Leslie Edlund, Dave Keller and JoDee Reed. The board congratulated Joshua for his exemplary school and community efforts. They also honored the student for his academic achievements and model citizenship conduct.


“Josh is an outstanding student,” Leal told the trustees, and she said by his own behavior and example, “he continuously demonstrates what it means to be safe, responsible and respectful.”

The principal acknowledged Joshua has family support at home and recognized the youngster’s parents, Rose and Cory Shelton, who were also logged on for the recognition.

“Thank you for coming tonight,” Principal Leal said. “We choose one student in sixth grade to receive the Principal’s Recognition Award, so this is a huge honor.”

Leal went on to describe compliments for Joshua that she had received from CRC’s sixth-grade teaching team.

“I have a few things to share with you, Josh, that some of your teachers have to say about you and I agree 100 percent with all of them,” she said, smiling.

A model of responsibility, kindness and courtesy

Joshua earned the award because he is self-directed and shows responsibility by completing all of his work — both in and out of class. In addition, his teachers remarked, “He is growing up to be an exceptional gentleman.”


Principal Leal clarified that description by telling the school board members, “Josh goes above and beyond to be respectful, always saying ‘please’, and ‘thank you.’ He’s always holding the door, picking up trash, lending a helping hand and sharing with a smile.”

The teachers commended Joshua for being kind to all of his peers and teachers.

“He’s eager to learn and to please,” said one CRC educator. “And he always greets you with a smile. He’s a pleasure to work with!”

Another teacher praised the student for demonstrating a caring attitude at school and conducting himself with a high level of responsibility at all times.

“Every time he comes to my room, even if he’s having a bit of a bad day,” the teacher stated, “Josh will always treat me with kindness. He’s great with his peers and he’s often the first one to offer any help.”

Headed for success


The principal concluded the award presentation with a warm sendoff.

“Josh, your teachers would like to say that they wish you well and good luck in seventh grade,” Leal said. “They know you’re going to do great things there and at the high school because of your many positive characteristics. We’re all going to miss you very much. Congratulations, Josh!”

School district takes pride in honoring exceptional students

 Throughout the school year, the Plumas Unified School District and its County Office of Education trustees and staff enjoy recognizing exceptional pupils who do well academically and also accomplish great things both in and out of school.

The Principal’s Recognition Award honors outstanding students who display the characteristics that PUSD’s governing board promotes in its mission statement and within the vision adopted for Plumas schools and students countywide.

Each school chooses to award a student for demonstrating personal achievement. The honor recognizes students for developing the skills necessary to be self-directed, productive and responsible citizens.