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DA charges man with three felonies including attempted murder UPDATED

Plumas County District Attorney David Hollister filed a three count criminal complaint today, June 27, against Henry Maxwell Evans II, age 25 of San Jose, California, stemming from an incident in Quincy during the evening of June 25, 2023 at the residence of an off-duty Sheriff’s deputy.

In the criminal complaint, Evans is charged with three felonies – willful, deliberate and premeditated attempted murder, residential burglary and assault with a deadly weapon. The complaint alleges an enhancement for using a firearm in Counts One and Two.  If convicted Evans may face up to life in state prison. Evans is presumed innocent of the charges of which he is being accused.

Evans remains in custody at the Plumas County Correctional Facility with bail being set at $500,000. Although initial charges have been filed, the investigation remains ongoing and active. Evans is scheduled to be arraigned on June 28 before the Honorable Janet Hilde.

UPDATE: Evans was advised of the charges on June 28  by the Honorable Janet Hilde. Judge Hilde appointed Quincy attorney Craig Osborne to represent Evans, who remains in custody and will return to court on June 30 to enter a plea, have bail reviewed and set future court dates.

District Attorney David Hollister noted his appreciation to the deputy involved for his quick reactions during this dangerous and frightening situation in preventing any harm to himself.

5 thoughts on “DA charges man with three felonies including attempted murder UPDATED

  • I hope the accused, if found guilty in a court of law, pays the price of a long sentence to think about his actions.

    • This man is lucky to have his day in court. Had the homeowner used deadly force in this situation (based on the way the initial news article read), that certainly would have been justified.

  • This was a very lucky outcome for the deputy! The crime spree from an out of area criminal needs to be fully investigated as to how the criminal arrived and where he’s been and what other crimes he’s good for! This attempted murder and crime spree is a wake up call and a sign of the times that the rural areas are seeing huge crime increases and it’s likely that the criminal was recently released under state early release and little to no-consequence laws, like many are! And many are not charged for many serious crimes from where they came from, especially a big blue leftist city! It’s very evident the justice system is broken and the state leaders from New-Scum down are responsible! Media also needs to publish a mug-shot as the criminal will likely be recognized as committing more crimes!

  • Nobody knows what the situation was. Yes, Evans was in the wrong but why these things happen are always ignored. It’s frustrating that people can’t understand the full situation or just don’t bother. I hope things go well for Evans. I’m just astonished by humanity these days.

    • No childhood abuse, lack of education, or no job are excuses for attempting to murder an innocent person. Yes, I too am amazed by humanity. I do not hope things go well for Evans.

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