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DA secures convictions in stolen mail, fire and CHP bite cases

District Attorney David Hollister had a busy day in court with more than 50 felonies on the calendar. He shared three cases that he thought might be of interest to the public.

Holiday Mail Thief Sentenced

Today, March 18, Jessica Jene Nally, age 39 of Quincy, was sentenced to four years and four months in county jail. Nally’s sentence followed a Feb. 25, 2022 conviction for felony burglary in the second degree, felony possession of stolen property and misdemeanor possession of stolen property.

Nally’s convictions stem from three separate crimes. Notably, Nally was found to have burglarized the Quincy Post Office, stealing mail in December 2020. Additionally, Nally was found to possess property stolen from a Quincy resident as well as two office stamps stolen from the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office and Plumas County Counsel’s Office.

A warrant had been issued for Nally’s arrest in January, 2021 after which she was eventually located and taken into custody in Sacramento in December, 2021.

The DA’s Office extends their appreciation for the tireless work of Detective Christina Vickrey in solving the Christmas 2020 mail theft case as well as the numerous victims for their patience and cooperation. District Attorney David Hollister lauded the quiet persistence of Plumas County’s law enforcement in making sure the culprit was identified, pursued, arrested and brought to justice.


Portola Fire Conviction

On June 18, 2021 a fire raged through an eastern Portola neighborhood destroying three homes and damaging the surrounding area. The fire began with an illegal burn occurring within city limits which was left unattended and quickly devoured neighboring homes while threatening others. Eric Anthony Armstrong, age 30 of Portola, was subsequently arrested for starting the fire.

After being charged with felony recklessly causing fire to inhabited structures, Armstrong’s case was delayed while he was treated so as to be competent to stand trial.

On March 18, 2022, after his competence had been restored, Armstrong was convicted of felony causing a fire and an enhancement for causing multiple structures to burn. Armstrong is scheduled to be sentenced on May 6, 2022. District Attorney David Hollister noted his appreciation for the numerous first responders who helped prevent a bad situation from becoming catastrophic.


CHP Pursuit, Crash and Bite

On March 18, 2022, Andrea Lynn Chavira, age 29 of Stockton, California, was convicted of felony evading an officer and misdemeanor driving while under the influence of a drug. Chavira is scheduled to be sentenced on May 6, 2022.

Chavira was arrested on February 24, 2022 after being observed driving recklessly up the Feather River Canyon. When a CHP officer attempted to stop Chavira a pursuit ensued which concluded with Chavira losing control and rolling her vehicle near the Butterfly Valley Road area on State Route 70. When Chavira refused commands to surrender, CHP officers utilized a less than lethal bean bag round to break the sunroof and were able to remove her from the car. Once removed from the car, and as she was being put in a patrol car, Chavira bit the arresting officer causing injury.

District Attorney David Hollister extended his appreciation to CHP Officers Luntey and Bruno for their quick action and professional efforts in taking the defendant into custody.

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